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Pulm Ex Played by Pulmonologists

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The description of Pulm Ex

Pulm Ex brings to life exciting patient cases that healthcare providers can play to stay sharp in pulmonary medicine. Earn CME credits, encounter once-in-a-lifetime cases, and invite colleagues to play with you in the first professional video game designed for pulmonologists—for FREE!

With Pulm Ex, you can:
-Perform interventional bronchoscopies on ultra-realistic simulations of the trachea and bronchi
-Remove foreign bodies in challenging patient scenarios: nails, pen caps, cotton swabs, tiny toys, and more
-Procedurally diagnose and treat virtual patients and replay the cases to perfect technique and skill
-Gain real-time feedback with our interactive patient cases, receiving scores based on skill, speed, and maintaining patient vitals/health
-Earn CME credits by successfully completing select cases
-Learn about new medical devices and novel drug therapies right in the app
-Hone your medical decision-making and inductive reasoning in diagnosis gameplay

Level Ex’s games are played by over 600,000 medical professionals.

Share your feedback with us at levelex.com/contact. More cases coming soon!

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Info Update

Pulm Ex 0.0.23 Update 2020-08-14 Have you tried the new COVID-19 levels yet? Complete five challenging patient scenarios designed to sharpen your inductive reasoning and diagnostic skills. In addition to this critical content, we’re always working to optimize gameplay, so we’ve made behind-the-scenes updates for an even better experience.Thanks for playing—please rate and review us! For more information, visit levelex.com.
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