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Joshua C. Caffery

Suggested Reading

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Watching: Cajun music features which culture of people

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HOT: Earth Science ch 18 – 19 Flashcards

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Suggested Listening

Balfa, Dewey, Marc Savoy, and D.L. Menard. Under a Green Oak Tree. Audio CD. El Cerrito: Arhoolie Records, 1993.

HOT: What does pizened mean?

Beausoleil.The Best of Beausoleil. Audio CD. El Cerrito: Arhoolie Records, 1997.

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Entry Published January 4, 2011 Entry Last Updated September 25, 2020 Coverage Category Music Topics Regions Southwest Louisiana (Acadiana) Time Periods Antebellum Period, Bourbon Era, Civil War Period, Contemporary Period, French Colonial Period, Late-20th Century, Long Era, Pre-Columbian Era, Reconstruction Period, Spanish Colonial Period, U.S. Territorial Period Index letter C

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