people who are panis-xual or oan have no f-cking limit to who they would date or f-ck

megan and kerry are panis-xual f-cking weirdos. also kerry has a cutstagram

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    this is a girl you can not trust. she will cheat on every boyfriend she has, with another girls boyfriend. she shoves hot dogs up her v-g-n-, and hooks up with coach carr above the auditorium. you don’t want to be this girl’s friend, you would rather be her enemy, cause this girl is a […]

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    the ultimate form of manterrupting, although somewhat different in that when one trumpterrups it does not have to be gender specific like manterrupting. trumpterrupting is the ultimate form of interrupting what anyone else is saying for any conceivable reason. bubby : did you see that… joe: no no no no no no! bubby: but all […]

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