What an irony — Jellal/Mystogan theory: Why did Makarov and the

In this theory, they did have a twin brother named Siegrain. Earthland’s Siegrain died when Jellal got captured by the sect, at a young age (4/5yo) while Edolas’ Siegrain died a little later (I think of a disease, maybe he had a weak health since his birth, probably died around 8/9yo). Both Jellals were affected by their death and it is still painful to this day.

So, let’s start. Jellal is ruling the Tower and learning magic with Brain. Around their 11/12yo, Mystogan end up in Earthland, find Wendy etc.

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After Mystogan left Wendy in Cait Shelter, he joins Fairy Tail but knows that it isn’t his world so he avoids people. Polyussica tells him about Edolas and Earthland and Makarov now knows who Mystogan is : Edolas Jellal, but he doesn’t know who is Jellal.

One day, during a training session with Brain, Jellal sees a strange thing in the sky disappear (anima are attracted by places with a lot of magic, if Jellal was training with Brain, it was one of them). He spells meteor and run to the source of disappearance: he meets Mystogan. They’re both shocked and outraged. Then Mystogan say Siegrain’s name and Jellal ends up fighting with him because he’s lost and??? My brother??? How do you, with the same face of mine, knows my brother??

Well, Jellal is stronger since without his Magic staves, Mystogan isn’t really strong (and this day is why he learnt how to fight with his bare hands). Jellal even breaks his staves and at a moment sees his tatoos : he’s in Fairy Tail! So he tells him to hide his face (because he needs to become popular) and to watch over Erza (without really knowing why, it wasn’t Ultear’s idea… it just came out like this). Otherwise “I kill you”.

When Mystogan came back to Fairy Tail, he talked to Makarov who saw his broken staves. And he told him about this mean and dangerous Jellal.

Around their 15/16yo, Jellal (as Siegrain) try a selective competition to become a wizard saint. This competition is made so the mages who don’t belong to a guild can be put on a list. If one of the ten wizard saints is defeated, the council and the nine saint wizard chose the stronger mage on the list (which regroups the mages from the competitions and the ones from guilds), the mage can’t be minor. The competition happens once per year and is set up by the ten wizard saints.

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Jellal is the younger of the promotion but is incredibly strong. He passes the different tests :

– Each participant has to prove their magic power with the MPF, to reduce the number of participants

– Fights to prove their physical strength, to reduce the number of participants

– Different events to select the chosen ones (fight on something in movement like a train, labyrinth with different obstacles, monsters to defeats without magic, etc…)

– Essays about lost magic, dark magic, old languages, etc, to prove their knowledge on magic

– An interview with one of the ten wizard saints (Jellal obviously got Makarov) to know more about them

– A fight against one of the ten wizards. The latter win most of the time but can see if the participant should be on the list. Around 10 mages end up fighting a wizard saint. Most of the time, only 2 or 3 persons are selected. If you defeat the wizard saint, you automatically become one.

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I’ll probably write a post about this competition…

Well, Jellal did a real great job even though he’s really young, he defeated a saint wizard. He’s selected and the wizard saints tells him that he’ll have to wait until the majority comes. He accepts.

But before that, during the interview, Makarov tries to know more about the boy with the same face as Mystogan, he’s sure that he’s not Siegrain but Jellal. During the interview, Jellal talk about his mean/evil twin that he didn’t see since a long time. Makarov doesn’t believe such a stupid lie.

But there’s a problem. Jellal during the competition was really kind and calm. And so Makarov isn’t sure. When Mystogan appears at Fairy Tail, they talk about this Siegrain and Mystogan tells Makarov that he did have a twin brother which died at a young age.

And so : Makarov believes Jellal. He’s Siegrain and his twin is an asshole who fought Mystogan.

That’s why, even though he trusts Erza a lot, he stopped her from harming Jellal when she saw him. Because “he’s Siegrain, not Jellal”.

That was a long post for not much but well, there you go

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