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Quesgo Free CBSE ICSE JEE Main Solutions Grade6-12

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The description of Quesgo

🎁Quesgo is a free, easy to use self-study app with intelligent AI to assist with your study. Quesgo offers comprehensive learning material, abundant rescources for classes 6-12 and competitive exams including CBSE,ICSE,JEE Main,JEE Advanced. It has an engaging app design to help you along the way to mastering your study-asking questions, practicing for exams, and searching for answers. Start preparing your courses and 2020 IIT JEE Main & Advance, NEET, CBSE with Quesgo!

🔆New functions:
Question search is available for math and science subjects! Search question and get detailed solution.Meanwhile we provide similar exercise for you!
If you’re not satisfied with the solution,ask in the Q&A community! AIl users are ready to help you! You can also answer others’ questions to gain coins and redeem rewards. Let’s help each other and make progress together!
Explanation and solution videos for previous exams.
Comprehensive analysis and personalized exercise for your weak knowledge points.

📷Take photo to search for answers:Quesgo allows you to snap a picture of any science and math doubt you have and provides instant answers as well as detailed explanations for you. Moreover, all the questions that you have asked or practiced can be saved for easy review and recall all your previous doubts.
📅Daily quizes: Quesgo also provides enormous amount of practice questions on a specific topic, which improves your problem-solving ability and boosts up your confidence to achieve good marks.
💻Free Videos:The app has an inbuilt “Library” where you can easily find all the math concept and problem solving videos related to the subtopics of all chapters for the NCERT grades 6 to 12. This helps you quickly recall all the concepts and then focus on practicing questions comfortably.

What you get on the app?⭐️

📔Classes 6 to 12 – CBSE, ICSE and State Boards
• Free Maths NCERT book video & pdf solutions and CBSE solutions in Hindi
• Free NCERT Chapter wise important questions in Hindi and quizzes
• Free solutions for following books – RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, All in One, Oswaal. ML Agrawal, ML Khanna, KC Sinha and many more.
• Free video & PDF solutions of previous year or past year 10th & 12th CBSE boards question papers & sample papers, solved papers with explanations
• Free video & pdf solutions for RD Sharma and RS Aggarwal for 10th &12th CBSE boards
• Free CBSE chapter wise mathematics concept videos & question bank

📄Competitive exams – JEE Mains and Advanced, NEET, Olympiads
Free IIT JEE Mains previous year question papers with solutions, solved papers with explanations in Hindi – JEE Mains 2013, JEE Mains 2014, JEE Mains 2015, JEE Mains 2016, JEE Mains 2017, JEE Mains 2018, JEE Mains 2019
• Free IIT JEE Advanced previous year question papers with solutions, solved papers with explanations in Hindi
• Topic wise objective questions for IIT-JEE, Important formula & video shortcut tricks
• Top tricks in Hindi to crack IIT-JEE Mains
• Free Question Bank for IIT-JEE Mains
• Free Question Bank for IIT-JEE Advanced
• JEE ebooks, JEE advanced crash course
• Free JEE Mains Mock Tests for practice
• JEE mains and advanced answer key
• Free video and pdf solutions for following books – RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, Cengage, FIITJEE, Resonance, VMC, Bansal, Narayana, Vibrant, Nucleus, Arihant, TMH etc.
• JEE quiz tests, revision notes and videos in Hindi
• IIT foundation books for class 8, class 9, class 10, class 11, class 12 in Hindi

So what to wait? Download the app to kick off better learning now!
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Info Update

Quesgo 2.1.0 Update 2020-07-13 1. Added topic practice.2. Added previous papers and solutions for all subjects.3. Launched badges mechanism. More abundant community content.
Download https://apkpure.com/quesgo-free-cbse-icse-jee-main-solutions-grade6-12/com.ques.doubtgo/download?from=details
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