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The description of Rizzle

About Rizzle:
Rizzle is THE place to create your short series. Rizzle helps you host your own show! Vlog, talk sports, create a scripted series, do makeup, prank your partner, or try that standup – with Rizzle channels, you can do them all!

Host a channel for each series you want to create – now you don’t have to pick a personality for social media. We all have multiple dimensions to our lives, our profiles should too!

And sometimes, just indulge in real talk. Join millions of people around the world and talk about topics you love through video responses.

What is Rizzle Series?

Rizzle Series is a collection of connected stories you may tell – host separate channels for your vlog, reviews, lockdown life, skits, and more. Binge watch the series anytime, in the order it is meant to be watched!

Original vertical series made by people like YOU! Whether you are a rising video creator, actor, writer, director, or YouTuber, let Rizzle make you a star!
Create as short or long a series you want with up to one-minute episodes.
Create, Write, Direct, and Star in your OWN series.
Connect with other creators with video responses like never before – be part of the creators Rizzle Discord, make friends, and be part of the positive experience.
Create videos with other creators using the Rizzle Collab feature!

Rizzle Studios

Rizzle Studios is for the creator in you! Get featured, learn skills, and work with the best instructors from around the world to enhance your acting, dancing, writing, comedy, and storytelling skills, for Free!

100% FREE classes for dancing, acting, directing, storytelling, and comedy writing by the industry’s best instructors!
Guest webinars from highly accomplished Hollywood and Bollywood writers and producers.
Learn and grow with a community of actors, dancers, and creators.
Master new skills or add to your current skills while having fun at your pace.
Create a series and get featured by Rizzle Studios for a wider audience!

Music and Sound Effects
Include background music and sound effects to make great content!
Enjoy popular music catalogs with 50K+ songs; English popular music coming soon!
Sounds effects for almost every genre – horror, comedy, thriller, romance, and more.
Request your favorite creators to perform to your favorite music with FanQuests!

Amazing Camera and Creation!
Green Screen to switch up your backgrounds
Create reaction videos and more with Picture-in-Picture video and images
Collab with other creators with Rizzle Collabs – create a skit or a talk show in minutes!

Creator Monetization
At Rizzle, we know the importance of monetization, and Rizzle Premium channels are built for audience sponsorships. This is similar to Patreon, only easier!

Qualify for Premium easily by making quality videos
Get sponsored at three levels – SIlver ($0.99 every three months), Gold ($0.99 per month), or Platinum ($2.99 per month)
Build a loyal audience that wants to support your creativity!

Get on Rizzle today and be the Star you can be!

Reach out to our team at [email protected] in case of any issues.

Rizzle encourages only original content, as it is a creation-oriented platform. Share only content you have created or have the right to share. Any copyrighted content can be reported to us in-app or here

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Info Update

Rizzle 8.7.3 Update 2020-12-12 - Choose from a wide range of sound effects to your videos to make them more fun and entertaining.- Add description to your channels in 140 characters.- We heard you and we delivered! Change your prompts text, hashtags and cover images even after posting your video.
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