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Robbery Madness 3D Stealth Master Thief Simulator

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The description of Robbery Madness App

You are in the role of master thief, sneaking his way to steal the luxury loot, in the unique heist and thief simulator. Explore and rob various places. Hack security systems and use them to spy or to distract cops. Use thieves’ tools. Sneak around the cops, use stealth, or take them down with sneak attack. Find secret rooms, treasure chests and steal luxury loot hidden inside. Visit Black Market and buy the best equipment for your robber.

Robbery Madness is the unique heist and thief simulator. It is a FPS (First Person Shooter) mixing stealth, action, RPG and horror elements. In the role of the master thief, you’ll rob various heist places and steal tons of luxury loot.


★ House
This is the best heist to start your thief career. This little house offers a ton of loot to steal for inexperienced sneaking robbers and many more items to rob for the seasoned master thief. But be careful, use stealth to avoid the dog.

★ Shopping Centre
The beloved place of each robber. A lot of shops, offices and stores to rob. And a ton of loot to steal, the ideal heist. But also a lot of security systems and cops, so use stealth.

★ Museum
Each robber loves museum heist. There are so many luxury loot to steal. This is the lovely place to rob. Museum has a strong security system and a lot of cops – great opportunity for the stealth master. The cops can be attracted easily here and ruin your robbery. So try to sneak and steal items only when cops are far away.

★ Zombie Apocalypse
In this heist, there is not much luxury to rob. In Zombie Apocalypse, water, food and toilet papers are the most valuable loot to steal. But zombies are roaming everywhere. Fortunately you can steal weapons as well.This heist offers stealth and shooter experience, which no other thief simulator can offer.


★City Map
City Map is a hideout for your robber. You are able to see all available heist places to rob.
Also you can buy thief equipment and to prepare your next robbery.

★Black Market
Stock up your thief before the next heist. Buy tools, weapons, equipment and boosters to increase your robber attributes, like stealth or speed.

★Challenging Thief & Stealth Action
Be the stealth master, in the unique thief simulator game. Sneak your way to the shiny loot and treasures and rob it all. Take down cops with a stealth attack. Hack security cameras, spy the robbery area or distract the cops. Use the spy cam to see what is hidden behind the doors. Hide or set up traps to get rid of cops. Unlock doors and treasure chests and steal the loot locked inside. This thief simulator has it all.

Instagram: instagram.com/robberymadness
Facebook: facebook.com/robberymadnessgame
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCbd0xY1WbTjL_ydz6deZQYg

Support: [email protected]
Discord: discord.com/invite/DSMvdwx

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Robbery Madness App 2.0.6 Update 2021-04-09 More money from AdsMoney from bonuses increasedBug fixes
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