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The description of Save Girl

Years ago, a little girl saved a carrot in the forest.
A few years later, a group of black magic monsters came to her door.
Can the little girl survive the danger smoothly? What hero is willing to rescue her at the critical moment?
In the world of magic, players can summon 15 magic turrets to defend against monsters.
Players can summon turrets such as Bottle, Ice Crystal, Glue, Flying Cutter, Arrow, etc. Also use super-powered Laser Ring, super weapon Nuclear Bmob, and ancient body-fixing magic to protect the girl.
Throwing a banana peel on the ground can slip a monster, and laying a mine can blow up a group of monsters.
Four thematic scenarios take you through dangerous places in the world, barren desert, dark magic forest, cold ice and snow, hot volcanic lava.
More interesting stories and challenges are waiting for players to explore, enter the game and experience the magical world.
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Info Update

Save Girl 1.0 Update 2018-12-22 first release.
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