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The description of Shade Launcher

Shade has been updated to Android Q!

This launcher is the embodiment of my vision for Android apps. It can be enjoyed by everyone, without having to scroll through a massive list of options.


– Adaptive Icon Packs
Choose from many popular icon packs to customize your home screen. Even icon packs with adaptive icons are supported.

– Smart Unread
The widget on the first page will show the most important notification on your phone.
When music is playing, control it by tapping the widget. Tap once to pause, twice to skip, three times to rewind.

– Themes
Choose between Light or Dark mode, or let it decide from the wallpaper. Then pick an accent to apply throughout the launcher, for a modern look that’s personalized in the iconic shades of Shade.

– News Feed
Swipe right to open a feed selected in the settings. Any app can implement a feed.
To show Google’s News Feed, you need Rootless Pixel Bridge from my GitHub: https://amirzaidi.github.io/bridge.html

– Grid Division
Choose if you want 4, 5 or 6 columns on your home screen. Or let the launcher decide using your phone’s size.

– Shortcuts
Hold an app icon to show quick shortcuts that immediately jump into the app.

– Hiding apps
Hide apps by dragging them to the Hide icon, then find them again by scrolling down veeeery far in the app drawer.

– Tap to go home
Android Q users can add a tap to go home action to the gesture navigation bar. Activate the Draw Over Apps permission and the Accessibility Service to enable this feature.

Any phone that runs Android 7.0 or higher is supported.
There is no unexpected fee, nor any advertisements. No data is collected.

Sources can be found on my GitHub:

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Info Update

Shade Launcher 2020-05-17 18:52 Update 2020-05-19 Update sources to new AOSP revision.Rework the app drawer search bar to look more like Pixel Launcher and add vibration when clicking it.Add double tap to sleep on Android 9/10 (enable the accessibility service!)Improve the feeling of overscrolling in the app drawer.Increase space on the left/right of the app info and widgets popup title.Fix some bugs with the hidden apps menu.
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