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Smart Talker Speech Therapist for Autism Kids

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The description of Smart Talker App

Smart Talker is a speech therapist app for autism kids is a one of the speech therapy apps that uses nonverbal communication cards, it is a unique AAC (alternative/augmentative communication system) with Picture Exchange Communication System for using with autism kids issues in speech communication.

It has been used with hundreds of autism kids in the United States and many other countries who have high percentage of autism.

It uses one of nonverbal communication types and was applied for autism kids, and over time it was applied with autistic adults, due to the difficulties faced by speech therapists with nonverbal communication in implementing training programs to communicate with autistic children to develop speech communication in many Over the years, workers took months to try to develop the skill of kinetic / vocal imitation.

Previously speech therapists have tried to teach and train autistic silent children to speak, and this type of training usually begins with trying to teach the autistic child to look at the trainer’s face or eyes, and then reward the child for producing many sounds, then the stage of imitating sounds and another studying the child to mix these sounds into words the coach chooses it.

According to this type of education, it will take many weeks from speech therapists to solve the problem of delayed speech in autistic children if it is not many months, and during this long time, the autistic child does not have a useful way to communicate with others to express his basic needs.

So Smart Talker can help speech therapists to achieve the goal with low cost and efforts, because it applies Picture Exchange Communication System technique so carefully.


• Speech therapy using Picture Exchange Communication System technique for autistic.
• Making autism kids easily communicate with the outside world using easy AAC app with nonverbal communication.
• Improving speech communication.
• It can be used for deaf and dumb people – nonverbal communication.
• Excellent in speaking sessions for autism children by speech therapist.
• Increase and raise the degree of speech communication in children.
• It helps speech therapist to archive better results and increase speech communication degree.
• Reducing speech impediments and autistic degree.


• Providing more than 1,300 talking cards to autism kids to discover the world.
• Ease of use with simple interface by speech therapist, parents and children or kids.
• Ability to add or modify an existing card.
• Control the text of the card.
• Multilingual to help more autism kids from deferent regions.
• Control the way cards are displayed according to the required level.

Speech therapists recommend that parents should use Smart Talker – Speech Therapist for Autism Kids in speech sessions it is one of the most used speech therapy apps for improving using nonverbal communication, especially teaching speech for late children using Picture Exchange Communication System, and the application also helps a lot in the process of improving speech communication, speech therapist and parents can access all features of the app with affordable price.

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Smart Talker App Update 2021-01-31 - UI improvements- Bugs fixing
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