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Sobriety Counter – Bad Habits

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The description of Sobriety Counter – Bad Habits

Overcoming addiction is extremely hard. With Quitzilla – Habit Breaker you can follow all of your bad habits and addictions and use the app as help to analyze them and beat them. Besides the counting of days, it also features a sobriety clock letting you know the exact hour when you break the habit. Use it for overcoming drugs, gambling, junk food, and sugar addictions.

Commit to quit “cold turkey”! Enter your bad habit or addiction at a glance. You can add the exact day of the last time you did it, the money you spend usually on that bad habit or addiction and let it serve as your starting point. From then on you can get tons of interesting statistics about it. The abstinence time and money saved are the leading statistics.

The rewards feature is actually a calculation of the money saved. For example, if you’ve spent $100 on gambling weekly, and you haven’t gambled for a week, then those $100 are your weekly reward. Users can also manually add rewards for themselves. This serves as great motivation to quit alcohol, cigarettes, junk food or anything similar that costs us money and is bad for our body and health.

Sobriety Counter also features a motivation tab in which you can add your own reasons to quit your addiction and bad habits. Simply list all of the benefits of quitting and let them serve you as a motivation for you to continue your journey of overcoming addictions.

The app keeps relevant statistics about each of your bad habits. From entering the day you quit and maximum abstinence period, to keep a record of the money, time spent on addiction and average abstinence period. Sobriety Counter will show detailed statistics about your bad habits.

For each of your successes, you will earn a trophy. These trophies are earned for the number of hours and days of your abstinence. The longer you are abstinent, the more important the trophy.

To keep you motivated and focused in your quest to get rid of the addictions, Sobriety Counter will display you “Quote of the Day” from various famous authors.

– easy and simple entering of bad habits and addictions
– help in quitting alcohol, drug, caffeine, food, sugar addictions
– customize your bad habits
– set update and weekly average expenses for a particular addiction
– sobriety counter in hours, days and money
– rewards system
– motivation with reasons why to quit a certain habit
– detailed statistics about each addiction
– trophies for achievements
– quote of the day for motivation and keeping focus
– pin code to prevent other people to enter the app
– Google Drive support for data backup
– ability to change the color theme
– Progress and daily quotes notifications

Don’t ask how to quit drinking alcohol, taking drugs or eating sugar, just download our habit breaker app and you will have an amazing help in overcoming your most scary addictions.

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Sobriety Counter – Bad Habits 2.0.2 Update 2020-03-11 Fixed Google Drive backup, and other minor bugs.If you enjoy using this app, please take a moment to rate it, and tell us what changes you'd like to see, or bugs you've discovered.
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