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The description of Soudfa

Welcome to Soudfa. The world’s largest Arabic app, for finding your better half and true love.

Join our universe of love. Be part of a special and unique universe that brings together more than 5.000.000 single Arabs looking for a life partner

Why give your heart to Soudfa? Here’s our declaration of love.

You should fall for us because you want to try something new. Because you’ve started your journey but still, you’re curious for more. Because you enjoy meeting new people and love cool features.

You should fall for us because there’s just something missing, something you’d like to find. We’re here to help you find true love and someone you share the same islamic values and customs with.

If you put your destiny in our hands, we’ll hold your hand all the way. – Whether you’re looking for new love or want to break all geographical barriers to get to know the right person, we’re pulling out all the stops to help you find everything you want and more.

It may sound naive, but what we’re really passionate about, is creating happiness for others. We get excited about the wonderful journey of achieving your dreams and writing your own love story. We believe there’s love for everyone, and that yours is out there.

Soudfa has come in to the world as an online marriage universe, to set the scene for the personal introduction. For people looking for an adventure, who are looking for deeper connections and want to connect with other Arab and Muslim singles nearby and worldwide.

No one knows when fate comes knocking on the door and makes you fall for another human being. But we want the experience to be meaningful. That’s why we’ve integrated the coolest features to make your experience with the online marriage scene as exciting and personal as possible, and all of a sudden you’ll realise that on Soudfa, a Like, is much more than just a Like.

To put the cherry on top, we’ve made it simple to skyrocket your chances to connect with other singles: Get Soudfa Plus, and experience extra such as:

Boosted visibility
Full access to all photos
Unlimited interests
Full access to messages
Unlimited rewinds for second chances
Advanced search for optimised match suggestions
Ad free experience
The Platinum Tag for more interaction

Take the First Step
You’re few clicks away from creating new fun memories. Join us today and welcome the future by meeting new people.

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Info Update

Soudfa 97.3 Update 2020-07-28 We've made it much easier when you need to jump on to Soudfa, Now, you can smoothly use your Apple ID to log in to your profile. Isn’t it neat? We also gave our checkout section a smaller facelift. All the deliciousness is ready and you can enjoy the new make over now. Just update the app, go to Connections to connect your Apple ID and try it now!
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