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The Sporteering™ app has been developed following 25 years of experience organising orienteering and self-supported navigation competitions and is based around the original Polaris Challenge® event format. The Sporteering™ app allows the format of the original Challenge to be adapted for events across numerous disciplines.
The core objective of any event is to allow a competitor a set period of time to navigate their way around a series of controls and collect points as they reach each one. They need to finish within the prescribed time for the course and failure to do so means they lose points for every minute they are late, over 1 hour late and you lose all the days scores so planning your route is essential.
To ensure all competitors have an equal amount of time to plan and compete the scores for each of the controls are not revealed until they scan the Start Control.
The aim of the event is to score as many points as possible. Although fitness and speed will play a part, this can be over ruled by good planning. The event is not a test of speed but a test of skill to combine navigation, planning and timing.

The APP is used by competitors and a web based portal is used by course organisers. The Organisers are able set their own courses anywhere in the world and set the time number of days.
Currently the APP is free to all, as is the planning portal to organisers. For more information contact [email protected]

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