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Super Market Clean Up – Girls Cleaning Game

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The description of Super Market Clean Up – Girls Cleaning Game

Cleaning Time! Baby girl, the grocery store is in a mess! How’s baby shopping in such dusty supermarkets! Look! Cleanup girls are coming! They’re good at chores, house clean, housework and house keeping in girls cleanup game. Learn more house cleaning skills from the house cleaner, and then, sweet baby girl, you will have cleaning fun in cleaning games! Now play this clean game and chore game to see the difference between market cleanup and home cleanup.

Daily Chores &Girl Clean Game Features:
1.Shopping Time! Fun baby loves shopping in the supermarket game and shopping game! More baby girls shop offline, but how the lucky supermarkets are cleanup and tidyup before customers coming? Find answers in the markt cleanup games!
2.No! The store is very untidy! Help girl clean the supermercado. Little girl, it’s not like home cleaning, you also need to fix house while house cleaning! Have you prepared the repair tools in the supermarket games? Yeah! You can use the fix tool of city cleanup in the repair games and fix games.
3.Cleaning for home, kitchen cleaning, bathroom clean up and bedroom cleanup in girl house are necessary for big home cleanup. But cleaning for store, we need house cleaning schedulr to arrange dusting house, cleaning, tidying up the goods. There’re much more cleaning work in girl clean game.
4.What’s green clean up? The shopping manager asked sweet baby to clean it! Maybe limpiar the green vegetables? Or clean up these fresh fruits? First, use the vacuum cleaner to suck the dust ; second, clear the board with clean rod. Wow, you’re a professional house clean girl now!
5.Uh-oh! The sweet cakes can’t be eaten in the store game! Bake cakes for kids right now! So many colorful candies and sprinkles dropped on the ground. Tidy up them in this baby girl games. Yummy! Yummy! I love supermercato all the time!
6.Chores Spring! Lots toys are messy in the girls clean up game. Repair the broken parts and rinse them carefully. Amazing! You make it clean tidy again!
7.OMG!! Everything is messed up in the dress part! Move in cleaning! Use your house cleaning skills to wash dresses according to the washguide. It needs professional cleaning skill in the clean game!
8.Good news! After house cleaning, you can dress up a new skirt as award for cleaning the house! Come on! It’s your periodic cleaning gift!
9.Time to design house as you like! House designer, show your designing skills in house design and clean design in the house design games!
10.Chores organizer likes to tidy up grocery store and clean home in cleaning game. With their professional cleaning in chore activities, they can help with chores, and best chores is spring cleaning.
11.In clean game, you can learn to pick up your mess and complete daily chores. When you clean home after playing cleanup games, sucking waste with vacuum, mopping floor, and taking out the garbage is easy for little girls. And, keep my things clean tidy is a good habit for cute baby girl.

Girls supermarket house cleaning is the best fun clean game for cleanup baby girl!
Besides, clean home+ makes chores spring into cleaning. Homey chores also make you find home cleaning fun then.

Download this girls cleaning game and house cleaning app for girls to enjoy the best cleaning game and chores game ever created!

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