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The description of T.R.E.V.O.R 7

the criminal life of the city, revealing the darkest sides in any person. You will start the game in a new city in which the Mafia rules.
Your friend wanted to start a business but the mafia is stopping him. You will have to earn some money, buy weapons and help your old friend.
You will have to make new friends. They will help you solve problems with the mafia and earn money. Funds will not be superfluous to you
constantly need to buy ammunition and weapons. You can also buy a personal car and housing. An open world, a large fleet of ordinary
hatchbacks to sports cars. Many types of weapons are pistols, machine guns, automatic rifles, sniper rifles, a minigun.
But becareful mafia keeps the whole city under control, even the police cover them.
You have a difficult moral choice in deciding between
friendship and gaining power, in a city of unlimited possibilities.
Complete freedom of action in a completely open, vibrant city, surprising
its architectural and cultural contrasts.
Become the head in the criminal world of the city playing in this city.
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Download https://apkpure.com/t-r-e-v-o-r-7/com.EG.TRV7/download?from=details
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