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The description of TABIIB

Consult A Doctor Online Anytime, Anywhere

TABIIB is a comprehensive healthcare solution that eases your healthcare concerns.
It lets you avoid the rush of waiting rooms, and offers affordable alternatives to expensive healthcare.
From its doctor finder and appointment scheduling tool to its teleconsultation software, TABIIB gives you an evolved healthcare experience.
With TABIIB, you can
Search and locate the right doctor closest to you
TABIIB’s geolocation tool allows you to filter doctors as per your location convenience.

Book a doctor’s appointment online
Manual booking can be tedious and time-consuming.
TABIIB simplifies the appointment booking process by helping you book online.

Read verified patient ratings and reviews
TABIIB lets you view testimonials by other patients.
It offers information about a doctor’s expertise and experience to help you make a more informed decision.

Get real-time updates on your upcoming appointments
TABIIB sends you timely notifications and reminders of all your upcoming appointments so you never have to worry about missing a consultation.
You can also book a follow-up appointment with the same doctor.

Make direct payments at the clinic
After the consultation is completed, you can directly pay to the doctor or at the clinic/hospital reception.

Consult a doctor online virtually through our teleconsultations solution
TABIIB teleconsultations allow you to get the care of an in-person doctor visit at the comfort of your home.
Book a virtual consultation online with the best doctor at your preferred hospital or clinic.

TABIIB Plus is an e-health medical card that helps you save big on your doctor consultations.
With this card, you can avail medical discounts and healthcare promotions on services such as
Online appointments
Diagnostic tests
Medicine delivery
Use this card across TABIIB’s network hospitals to get quality and affordable healthcare.

TABIIB also offers telehealth services that ensure you get access to the best healthcare without the hassle of the waiting room.
Connect with doctors and physicians online over live video virtually, from the comfort of your home.
You can book virtual doctor appointments with the best doctors across TABIIB’s network hospitals
Avoid the risk of infections in a waiting room and experience a secure consultation.

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Info Update

TABIIB Update 2020-12-20 1. Enabled actions on offer bookings2. Restricted cross country bookings for TABIIB Plus offers3. Minor bug fixes
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