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The description of TalkLeague App

Forget the calendar invite. Tap TalkLeague anytime to join any virtual-room where amazing people (like yourself) are having great audio-conversation Just jump into a conversation directly, Whether for work or play!

TalkLeague, an audio-based social network where people can spontaneously jump into voice chat rooms together. Join your college hangout-zone for informal discussions with your friends/College gang or Join your office colleagues for a formal or informal discussion about your boss or company.

After you download Talkleague you will be provided with three options to join ★ ★ ★

★ Twitter Login: Join Public Rooms by just log in via your twitter account and Listen to great conversations & talk to amazing celebrities.

★ College Student Email id: Join as a college student by just entering your college email id and by doing this you can directly connect with your college friends or your college gang. You can start a conversation on anything going in your personal life, Town or college.

★ Office Email id: If you are a working professional you can join your office colleagues by just entering your official email address. You can join to talk or just listen along all formal or informal topics going on about your organization.

Isn’t it amazing? What quarantine has revealed is that when you separate everyone, spontaneity is a big thing you miss. In your office, that could be having a random water-cooler chat with a co-worker or commenting aloud about something funny you found on the internet. At a College, it could be wandering up to chat with a group of people because you know one of them, or you might have overheard something interesting or it can be about an event in your college. That’s lacking while we’re stuck home.

Scheduled Zoom calls, utilitarian Slack threads, and endless email chains don’t capture the thrill of surprise or the joy of conversation that giddily revs up as people riff off each other’s ideas.

We realized that spontaneity doesn’t mean constantly interrupting people’s life or workflow. We are giving people the power to decide when they are or aren’t available or signal that they’re not to be disturbed so they’re only thrust into social connection when they want it.

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