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The description of Thenics

Thenics helps you to achieve impressive Calisthenics skills and functional muscles. There are a lot of trend sports (Street Workout, CrossFit) and Calisthenics Movements (Bar Brothers, Barstarzz) where you will see these skills.

* Muscle Up
* Planche
* Front Lever
* Back Lever
* Pistol Squat
* Handstand Push Up
* V-Sit

Thenics Pro Skills:
* One Arm Pull Up
* Human Flag
* One Arm Push Up

Thenics will guide you with descriptions and technique explanation of the skills and progressions. Every skill is divided into several progressions which include different workouts. Thereby you are able to learn skills step by step adapted to your current level.

How is Thenics different to other fitness apps?
Your goal isn’t just to lift more weight or execute more reps. The Workouts and Progressions lead you to achieving new impressive skills. Additionally you will gain strength and get lean functional muscles!

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Info Update

Thenics 2.4.0 Update 2020-04-26 The Thenics Team is back with a new app design, features and skills. We reshaped the app using Flutter to guarantee a longterm development of Thenics and the enablement of a smooth user experience. Now, we also provide a Pro version that offers you access to more workouts promising you a better success on your training journey.* New Skill: Human Flag* New Skill: One Arm Push Up* New Skill: One Arm Pull Up* New Workouts* Cloud synchronization
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