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The description of Thermomix Recipes

Thermomix recipes is ​​a free application which contains over 300 step by step meals. Enjoy cooking thanks to this awesome kitchen appliance. Learn how to cook all kinds of dishes really easily thanks to your Vorwerk Thermomix TM5 TM31 or TM21.

To be honest, we are fascinated with this kitchen appliance. Choices are almost infinite. Thanks to its simplicity, it makes your life much more comfortable. It does not matter if you are an expert or beginner, thanks to our free app you will get instant access to hundreds of ways to cook delicious meals. We strongly recommend you to get one of incredible tool. There are different thermomix recipe books on the internet, but our application is much more dynamic and easy to use. Give a try to thermocook app, you will not be disappointed!

– What kind of recipes are included in the Thermomix recipes:
★ Sauces, soups and all kinds of purees
★ Legumes and stews
★ All kinds of meats: pork, veal, lamb etc.
★ Fish and seafood
★ Vegetarian and vegan dishes
★ Rices and all kinds of risottos
★ Desserts and cakes
★ Drinks
★ Breakfast ideas
★ Lunch ideas
★ Egg recipes
★ Shrimp, appetizer, indian and casserole recipes
★ Christmas recipes
★ Easy recipes
★ Dinner
★ All kinds of pasta dishes and Italian cuisine
★ International food
★ Diabetic foods and diets to lose weight
★ Hummus and other oriental food dishes
★ Steamed vegetables
★ Spanish cuisine
★ Healthy meals
★ Fast processing
★ Mexican food
★ Recipes for coeliacs
★ Economic elaborations
★ Appetizers, appetizers and canapés
★ Light meals
★ Summer meals
★ We show you how to make bread
★ Prepares baby dishes
★ Prepare tasty breakfasts
★ Gourmet creations
★ Dishes with vegetables and high nutritional value
★ Gluten free meals
★ Italian cuisine
★ The best homemade menus
★ Dressings and sandwiches
★ Tasty dishes of Peruvian cuisine
★ … and much more!

– Why buy Termomix?
Some people would say you things like ‘why is so expensive?’, ‘why to use it if your can simply use your oven?’, ‘is a waste of money!’, ‘you could buy a thermomix alternative instead’… Do you know why you should be using this fantastic kitchen appliance? First of all tt is a really light and small, barely weighs. You can store it in any small place of your home. It could be clean very quickly and comfortably. In addition, this tool let you cooking hundreds of dishes pressing a few buttons: Cooking for dummies. Download our app to get instant access to hundreds of recipes explained step by step.

– How to use Thermomix TM5?
It does not matter whether you have cooking knowledge, of if you have never used this tool before: Just read the instructions that we show you and prepare delicious meals in minutes.

– Which features could you get if you download Vorwerk Thermomix recipes application?
★ Browse through more than 300 recipes. Every meal contain it’s custom list of ingredients and high definition images.
★ Create your own favorite list wich a single click.
★ Multiple types of dishes with custom variety of ingredients.
★ Share any meal with your family and friends.
★ Tagg any ingredient that you have already used.
★ Fully translated into 5 languages, including English.
★ User friendly app

– Some of the recipes you will find in Vorwerk Bimby application
★ Tuna with tomato
★ Pork in sauce
★ Romaanescu sauce
★ Tomato sauce
★ Mushrooms
★ Waffles, cookies, cakes, biscuits, pancakes and other sweets
★ Sorbets and all kinds of beverages
★ Roast beef and other meat dishes
★ Gilthead bream, hake, cod and other white fish
★ Vegetarian and vegan dishes
★ Yoghurts and mouse
★ Food to lose weight
★ Low-fat foods
★ Chicken and rabbit with garlic
★ Dishes with few calories
★ Salads
★ Tiramisu and other italian cuisine foods
★ Potato-based dishes
★ … and much more!

Cooking delicious foods has never been so easy!

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Thermomix Recipes 0.1.6 Update 2020-07-09 Thermomix Recipes
Download https://apkpure.com/thermomix-recipes/enjoy.with.our.apps.thermomixrecipes/download?from=details
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