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TikGrow – Get TikTok followers & Tik like & fans

Get Tik Tok followers for free! Boost your profile to get Unlimited tik tok followers on your favorite social network.

How it works:
Earn stars to promote your profile to users across the TikGrow community. The more users that you follow, the more tik tok followers you get. TikGrow is the #1 app for getting real, new Tik Tok Followers!

You can get Tik Tok followers for free or pay for stars for big boosts to your profile. The TikTok followers, fans and likes you will get with your boosts are 100% real.

Our app Features are:
– Increase real Tik Tok fans and likes fast for free
– Discover new and cool TikTok users to follow
– Pay for stars to promote your profile to TikGrow community

Our app is 100% safe because we will not ask for your account password, you don’t need to login to your account in order to use our app.

TikGrow is a 3rd party application and has no affiliation with the Tik Tok application, Music.ly, or ByteDance.

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