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The description of Timsi

Timsi offers private social networks for usage within companies. Make communication within your company more efficient than ever before- and also, fun.

With a Timsi invite in your mailbox and the Timsi app, you get access to the social network of your employer. On the timeline you will directly see posts that are relevant for you- these can be important announcements, but also fun pieces of news, pictures and videos.

Join groups that are relevant to you to directly start receiving posts for these groups. Reaching others is easier than ever before- write a post, choose a target audience and hit the send button! If the post is urgent, you can enable notifications to the target audience’s phones with a single button press. You can also send and receive private messages.

Timsi is completely customizable to work best for your company. Because if your company has thousands of employees, you don’t want your intern to be able to push messages to them all. Within a few minutes, Timsi will work exactly like you want it to.

Timsi makes communication faster, easier and more fun. If your company uses Timsi, just download the app to get started.

Note: Timsi is currently still in beta and only available to a small selection of companies. If you can’t wait to give Timsi a spin with your company, simply contact us.

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Info Update

Timsi 1.1.0 Update 2020-03-20 This Timsi update contains a lot of important fixes, QoL improvements and some new features!- Markdown styling support has been added to Timsi posts, comments and chat messages.- URLs in Timsi posts, comments and chat messages now automatically become clickable.- When sending a post with a push notification, an alert has been added to make sure that this is what the user intended.- Lots of bug fixes, UI adjustments and reliability improvements.
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