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True VHS 🌌 – 80s Vintage camera & glitch editor

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The description of True VHS App

The most aesthetic and impressive video editor on a smartphone at the moment. 🎥

This Dazz cam transforms your smartphone into something more – now it’s an old VHS camera with effects for videos and photos! Each filter has been recreated using the original recording technology on old cassette cameras: A unique vintage effect is achieved through color compression and signal noise emulation with repeated re-recording.

Variety of effects: video filters for every taste.
You can choose from many different options: glitch video processing and conventional VHS cam, 8mm cam and film with effects, as well as many other filters for photos and videos. Of course, we have included the already familiar RGB filter, distortion and the PLAY SP inscription on top of the frame in this list.

Customize the editor for yourself: shooting in any size (4:3 16:9 1:1) any date on the photo, timer: each filter is unique – never before has photo processing been so exciting.

Ability to import from device
90s style filter can be applied to footage already taken: upload videos directly from the gallery and apply retro filters to them

Audio also becomes like on a retro camera!
The audio track goes through a quality compression algorithm, complementing the vintage effect of the main editor and transporting you back to 1998.

Portrait shooting mode. The photo editing opens from the other side: of course, the old VHS cameras also need to be improved. Therefore, you can rotate your device and the video will already be shot in a vertical format! Selfies were also invented after the VHS era, but now you can safely apply glitch effects to the front cam.

Full immersion in the era of the 80s: noise and glitch effects will intensify, as if your film is spoiled, if you shake your device vigorously – of course, there is a working magnetic mechanism inside – the frame will move up and down. By the way, a vintage optical zoom mechanism will now be installed on your modern camera: now nothing will show that you are shooting not on old film, but on a modern fx app.

Finally, you have full customization of filters in your hands: change the color and contrast, the amount of noise and compression. Film camera now with state-of-the-art color correction. You choose what to turn your device into today: a polaroid or a retro home camera.

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