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VAJA Text-to-Speech Engine

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The description of VAJA Text-to-Speech

VAJA is a Text-to-Speech engine developed by National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) and distributed Guru Square Co., Ltd. Currently supporting English and Thai language.

Try out VAJA for these new experience:
★ Voice navigation for driving: Google Maps
★ Read phone caller’s name and SMS: Android’s Driving mode, SMS listen
★ Read E-books out loud: Moon+ Reader, Epubreader
★ Virtual assistants’ voice: Skyvi, Assistant, Jeannie
★ Accessibility mode’s new voice: Android’s Accessibility mode, talkback

VAJA’s Features:
★ Customizable pronunciation sounds, to suit your own needs, for acronym and text
★ Able to set prefer language for pronunciation of number and other characters, not just relying on analyzing surrounding context
★ Adjustable Speaking Volume
★ Efficient and reliable speech synthesis
★ Continue to update, for further improvement on the quality of voice and pronunciation
★ Able to support both English and Thai language in one installation
★ Automatic and simple installation

Contact Us:
We want to hear all of your opinion and will appreciate all of your advices. Please contact us if you experience any problems or have any suggestions, so that we can further improve VAJA to suit your need.
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: http://facebook.vajatts.com
Our website: http://www.vajatts.com
FAQs: http://www.vajatts.com/faq

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Info Update

VAJA Text-to-Speech 3.4.19 Update 2018-12-17 Edit some text and update some inner process.
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