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VideoMaster Video Volume & Sound Enhancer with EQ

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The description of VideoMaster App

Improve the sound of your video and make your videos the best they can be. You only get one chance at a first impression, make it great! VideoMaster has a video volume booster, 6-band audio equalizer (EQ) and 37 audio presets to greatly enhance the sound of your video. Your free download 3 free days of unlimited use for both in-app purchases. Tap the export icon to read the offer.

There are 2 separate in-app subscriptions:
1) unlimited Video Exports
2) Use of the Equalizer

A professional video production tool. Adjust the sound of your video. Import a video and use a 6-band equalizer, volume booster or many presets to fully adjust the sound of your video. No video quality is lost. Export the video as the same size, smaller size for easy sharing, or just extract the audio.

Our apps come with full customer support through the side menu.

A great tool to get your videos sounding better than ever.

As George Lucas said, “sound is half the picture.”

▪ Adjustable 6-Band Equalizer
▪ Automatic Volume Normalizing of Your Video
▪ Adjust the Volume of Your Video
▪ Adjustable Volume Levels
▪ Adjust the Audio Frequency, Gain and Q.
▪ Tap Numeric Box to Type an Exact Frequency, Gain or Q.
▪ Extract the Audio from Your Video
▪ Mute the Audio in your Video
▪ Save as Original Size or Compress for Sharing
▪ Easily Compare the Sound to your Original Video
▪ Press and Hold an EQ Module to Bypass It
▪ VideoMaster Never Overwrites Your Original File

▪ Vlogs
▪ Narrative
▪ Podcasts
▪ Rock
▪ Folk
▪ Blues
▪ Classical
▪ Country
▪ Hip Hop
▪ Electronic
▪ Jazz
▪ Latin
▪ New Age
▪ Pop
▪ R&B / Soul

▪ ASMR Videos
▪ Vlog Videos
▪ Vcast Videos
▪ Podcast Videos
▪ Social Media Marketing Videos
▪ Product Review Videos
▪ Haul Videos
▪ Tag or Challenge Videos
▪ Unboxing Videos
▪ Educational Videos
▪ Favorites/Best Of Videos
▪ How-To Videos
▪ Gaming Videos
▪ Wedding Videos
▪ Birthday Videos
▪ Baby Videos
▪ Pet Videos
▪ Selfie Videos
▪ Business Videos
▪ Real Estate Videos
▪ Automotive Videos
▪ Sports & Fitness Videos
▪ Training & How-To Videos
▪ Travel Videos
▪ Music Videos
▪ Event Videos
▪ Video Ads

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Any questions just email us:
[email protected]


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Info Update

VideoMaster App 1.2.6 Update 2021-03-30 Keeping up with the Android OS!
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