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Weather Forecast – Accurate Weather Live & Widget

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The description of Weather App

Weather Forecast – Accurate Weather Live & Widget is one of the best weather forecast apps and it is a completely free weather app.

The weather app provides accurate weather information, including real-time weather, radar, weather alerts, etc. It is your best choice for viewing weather information.

No matter where you are, the weather app can provide you with accurate and detailed weather forecast information, including hourly, 72-hour and 25-day weather forecasts. At the same time, you can get extreme weather alerts in time and plan ahead. You can also view detailed local and global weather forecasts in the app.

The weather forecast app has many functions and is totally free.

☀️Real-time and accurate weather forecast
Update weather conditions every minute, check the latest and accurate weather forecast at any time.
Detailed 24-hour weather forecast, check hourly weather forecast.

⛅️72-hour & 25-day weather forecast
Check hourly weather anytime, anywhere, you can easily see the temperature trend and the probability of rainfall.
Check the weather forecast for the next 25 days, learn about the weather in advance, and plan future food, clothing, housing and transportation.

🌈Detailed weather information
Use the weather app to view detailed daily weather information, including daily maximum and minimum temperatures, sunrise and sunset times, humidity, UV index, wind speed, wind direction, air quality, etc.

❄️Weather widget
The weather application provides a variety of different types of widgets with weather information, and updates the weather in real time.
You can drag the weather widget to any location on the phone desktop.

☔️Weather notification bar
Weather notification bar with multiple styles, and will be updated in real time.
You don’t need to open the weather app or go back to the desktop to check the weather.

💨Weather radar map
Using a radar map with real-time weather, you can view a variety of radar maps such as temperature and wind speed.

⚡️Meteorological disaster warning
Anticipate severe weather and take preventive measures early.

🌏Location management in multiple cities
The weather forecast can automatically locate your location and display the local weather conditions.
You can also choose other cities in the world you like and track local weather information.

🌔Sunrise and sunset time
Can dynamically display the sunrise and sunset time.

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Weather App 1.0.9 Update 2021-04-09 • Bug fixes and performance enhancements.
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