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The description of Weather Weather

Most accurate weather channel with hourly & daily weather forecasts.
WeatherWeather is a weather channel which provides various weather information (maps, snow radar, blizzard tracker).
Track your local weather forecast.

We believe weather is a big part of everyone’s life and it should be easy to use, intuitive, and fast, not to mention accuracy. Our goal is to provide the most reliable weather data in less than one second so that you can plan your weekdays, weekends, and even holidays easily and pleasantly.

WeatherWeatherI’s daily weather alert lets you stay prepared for the day. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Be prepared with the daily forecast or sudden change in weather with our daily alert. So no matter how severe the weather condition is, (rain, snow, wind, or even hurricane) you can stay ahead at all times with WeatherWeather.

With live radar and map, you can visually check where wind is going, when rain is coming, or even when snow is going to fall. Any weather data including wave, humidity, feel temperature is available on our map. Our map also tracks down snow storm, blizzard, tornado, and hurricane, as well as your local temperature. Get your daily local weather map and temperature information this winter, so you can prepare for your day with confidence.

Discover 5 reasons why you should use WeatherWeather!
1. Accurate – We provide the most accurate forecast using multiple weather data sources and custom software to adjust data source depending on the location.
2. Easy to use – Tired of all the complicated weather apps? I know exactly how you feel. We provide the most simple, yet full of weather information on our app. Remember, our goal is to provide all important weather information at a glance, so that you can plan your day more easily.
3. Detailed hourly forecast – Temperature, feel temperature, rain amount, UV, wind, humidity. We provide 48 hourly forecast for all these data.
4. Daily weather alert – Every morning, we will send you a daily weather summary for you, so you can see the weather information without opening the app. If there is any important weather issue, you will be sure to find out first thing in the morning.
5. Most friendly widget. Our widgets provide just enough weather information so it can keep your screen clean and simple.

Weather Widgets type:
– 1×1, 2×1, 2×2 high and low temperature with today weather widget.
– 4×1 today weather widget with temperature difference from yesterday.
– 4×2 today weather with 5 hourly forecast widget.
– 4×2 today weather with 5 daily forecast widget.
– 4×2, 4×3 today weather with 5 hourly and 3 daily forecast widget.

Your feelings are also what we care the most. We provide friendly wording for all the confusing weather metrics.
How much rain is 0.1 inch of rain?
How strong is 9 miles per hour wind?
We use words like “Light Rain” or “Breeze” instead of confusing metrics.
Our mission is to become the easiest yet most informative weather app in the world!

Go beyond hourly weather forecast. We provide the most accurate daily forecast to warn any kind of severe weather situation. Forget about all the complicated graph and graphics. We provide simple, clean, easy to use, and most accurate daily forecast in 1 second. Also, we will provide detailed weather information (rain probability, wind, uv, and even snow information) in the daily forecast. You will be amazed how accurate our weather forecast is.

Remember, our primary goal is to provide you the most accurate weather data quickly and intuitively.
Download WeatherWeather today for free and enjoy the simplest and most intuitive weather app in the world.

*** Data Source ***
Weather Channel
Yahoo Weather

▶ Required Permission
– None

▶ Optional Permission
– Location: Used for retrieving weather data

▶ Revoke Permission
– Android Version 6.0 and above: Settings > Application > Select app > Revoke
– Android Version below 6.0: Remove app

Thank you for using our app!
Have a wonderful day!

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Info Update

Weather Weather 1.6.1 Update 2020-05-14 Minor Bug Fixed
Download https://apkpure.com/weather-weather/com.lifeoverflow.app.weather/download?from=details
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