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The description of Wiser

Wiser by SE App is your smart home assistant. It allows you to control and monitor your home at anytime from anywhere!

Device settings & control:
The Wiser by SE App links with Schneider Wiser Hub and merges lighting, curtain, AC, TV/AV control devices with switches, sensors and alarms, into ONE App. You will have control of all devices in your home from the device control page on your Wiser by SE App. Other device settings can be changed from the App, like back light brightness and controlling the dimmer range.

Moment setting & control:
• Moment:
You can select all devices and assign a preset status. With a single click, all selected devices will go to the preset status.
Example: When you leave home, select the preset “Away” moment button to turn off all devices, when you get home select ‘Welcome’ to turn on devices, such a lights and AC.

• Automation:
Other than moment, you can use Wiser App to set hands-free automation.
Example: when you open a door, lighting will automatically turn on, curtain will open and AC will set to a comfortable temperature to welcome you home.
You don’t even need to touch your phone thanks to Wiser sensors and the automation setting in the App.

Push notification:
For some critical events like water detection by your Water Leakage Sensor, your will get notified immediately and the notification will be recorded in the App history.

Voice control:
The Wiser system supports a variety of voice control devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Tmall Genie (China ONLY). In the App it has a detailed guide on how to set up the voice control between the Wiser by SE App and the voice control speaker.
Check “Settings -> More services” to start your new smart home journey just by speaking.

Remote control:
With the Wiser by SE App you can easily control from wherever in the world you are.

Home management:
You can share the home settings with your home members by adding their user accounts into the home you created.

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Info Update

Wiser 5.29.0 Update 2020-06-02 New Features and Enhancement:Dimming Level can be set in Schedule option for Dimmers.Voice control supports 2G dimmer.Time shown in home page is in sync with the home location.Max. limit for actions is 80 for Moments and Automations, conditions is 10 for Automations, when reach to maximum limitation will pop up a message.Bugs fixed:“Select all” not visible in notification page.City location shows blank in automation’s effective period page.
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