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Wix Build Websites, Online Stores, Blogs, & more

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The description of Wix

Use the Wix mobile app to build & customize a website and mobile app experience for your business and community – for free!

Over 160 million people worldwide choose Wix website builder to create their professional online presence.

Whether your goal is to start a blog, build an online store, offer services, or create events, you can do it all using Wix’s powerful business, marketing and website building tools.

Build a Website to Grow Your Brand

• Create websites & upload videos, pictures, & blog posts
• Add web pages with stunning website templates
• Build & manage a professional web presence, zero coding required

Create & Manage Your Online Store

• Build an online shop to display and sell items & collections
• Take online payments as users shop items in your online store
• Manage orders & shipping details
• Offer coupons & special discounts

Become a Blogger

• Write & share blog posts from your desktop or mobile
• Use blog designs & website templates to bring your blogging ideas to life
• Share your latest content with subscribers
• Let readers share, follow & comment on your posts
• Manage contributors & allow them to add blog posts
• View blog stats & web analytics with Wix SEO tools

Offer Services & Collect Payments

• Create & update services
• Take online session bookings
• Get paid online commission-free
• Manage staff and participants
• Connect pricing plans

Create & Manage Events

• Manage & edit past, present and future events
• Sell tickets online
• Send invitations, collect RSVPs, and update guests
• Create discussions & upload photos

Engage with Your Community Online

• Chat with members & site visitors directly through your website or app
• Create groups around shared interests
• Manage discussion boards for specific topics
• Start forums & group chats with members

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Info Update

Wix 2.25579.0 Update 2020-07-05 This release includes the following updates and features:Photo AlbumsA number of new actions are available on the Wix app:Reorder galleriesRename galleriesReorder mediaDelete mediaChange media title & descriptionChatiOS users can now reply directly to a chat message from a push notification.Groups‘Polls’ let group owners run surveys, get feedback, gain insights, and more.Pending PlacesPending member requests will now appear as a badge on each relevant place.
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