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wodomo 3D Home improvement – House plans

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The description of wodomo 3D

“wodomo 3D” helps home design enthousiasts throughout their home improvement projects.

Using augmented reality (AR), try various home improvement scenarios and get an immersive experience of what the result could be. You move around and see, on your device screen, the result projected over the camera image. You will almost “feel” how the place would look like.

The app supports unlimited undo and redo. You can explore many home improvements and revert them without having to restart from the begining.

The process starts with the capture in 3D of the home structure. This is also done in augmented reality. No need for a measuring tape, the app will automatically take all the dimensions and you will get an accurate house plan.

The app can generate 2D house plans and export them in a PDF file. It can also generate 3D house plans which can be exported using the wavefront/OBJ format. You will be able to study the result of your home improvement scenario in your favorite 3D viewer.

Here are some great features which allow to create accurate 2D and 3D house plans:
– multi room house plan creation
– automatic fusion of adjacent walls with detection communicating doors and windows
– possibility to align walls on a rectangular grid
– wall thicknesses adjustment
– ability to create inclined ceiling
– creation of complex structures like dormers
– applying a home design style, begining with paint colors (texture catalog is coming soon)
– visualizing 3D house plans at lower scale

Starting a home improvement project is exciting. It’s great to create a space a lot nicer, and which corresponds to our needs and to our home design style. Install wodomo 3D and start your home improvement project today!

This is a beta version. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Do not hesitate to contact us via email.

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wodomo 3D 00.22.00 Update 2020-05-14 00.22.00:User interface improvementsUpdated tutorial videos.A survey is proposed in exchange of promotion codes.
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