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The description of Yolcu360

As Yolcu360 family, we deliver happiness to thousands of people by making their life easier with Turkey’s first Customer Satisfaction Center. We are pleased to help people, who want to rent a car as a hobby. Our vision is to be one of the most customer-obsessed companies in the planet – where we constantly challenge ourselves to make car rental easier and more trusted.

We own the largest online car rental site and application in Turkey and we try our best to put a smile on the faces of people who wants to rent a car 24/7. We never cease to grow and renew ourselves to reduce stress, costs and anxiety. We enhance the quality of life of Yolcu360 guests who wants to find the ideal car they are looking for with the best possible price.

We love cars, roads and road trips with cars. We would like to invite you, if you want to have a pleasant journey!
How do we work? We provide reliable and trustworthy service with more than 50 suppliers and our dynamic team believing in the power of technology and information. You can easily rent a vehicle by a few “clicks” and we are with our customers with 7/24 live chatting.

We combine technology with the habits of the sector and we aim to expand our business with our partners. We would like to introduce our brand to the World.

Our biggest motivation is to share happiness of people, who visit different places, meet new people, take nice photos and share them with others and return happily from a pleasant journey!

It is very easy to rent a car on Yolcu360! : )

Our business is to make people happy

Be happy and make people happy!

Start your day happy, positive and don’t hesitate to share it. Make everyone happy. Happiness redoubles when you share it.

Work hard, talk frankly and be honest!

Whatever you do, you can’t have peace unless you give your 100%. You can’t have self-confidence in an environment, where you swallow what you want to say. If you’re not honest, you can’t make peace with yourself. Be serene, self-confident, and at peace with yourself.

Think simple and elegant!

The easiest way to be solution-oriented is to avoid sophistication and coarse thinking. Choose the easiest ways to get you to the point you want to reach, and be elegant while doing so.

Be humble and generous!

People move away from themselves, when they boast. Do not cease to be yourself. Be modest. Appreciate your family and do not lose your sense of belonging. Be open to sharing and give more than what is expected of you. Be generous with what you can do.

Respect for the people and arouse respect among people!

Do not lose your respect for anyone. When you approach everyone with respect, you will see that everyone has respect for you. This is the greatest value you can have in human relations.

Don’t postpone and create solutions!

Do not be afraid when you encounter a problem, do not back down and do not postpone it. Tomorrow is a mystery and today is the only time you have. Waiting to produce a solution will make you lose. Take on responsibility and act quickly to solve the problem.

Never say “I can’t” or “It is Impossible”!

You cannot know if something is impossible or if you are capable of doing it, unless you try. Do not be afraid to try. Maybe it’s not as hard as you think.

Be different and do the unexpected!

Don’t be an ordinary member of the horde. Be different, make your difference felt. You should surprise people by doing unexpected things. Do not let anyone tell you “You are too ordinary”.

Start today!

To do all of this, don’t say “We’ll see tomorrow”. Start right now. Maybe there is no such thing as tomorrow.

What’s done is better than perfect!

You do not have to be perfect. Remember that putting an idea into practice saves you extra time. Take steps further, by taking into consideration that you can make mistakes. Life is all about the lessons we’ve learned from our mistakes.

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Info Update

Yolcu360 1.1.41 Update 2020-07-28 Updated for minor bug fix and better user experience
Download https://apkpure.com/yolcu360/com.yolcu360/download?from=details
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