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The description of Z Devolution

Z Devolution – KAI fighter is a 2d fighting game with many power god saiyan. You can feel powerful ki SSJ attacks.
There are over 40 characters and 4 modes , saga, battle, training and survival.

In saga mode, there will be a perfect story mode you can fight with one sole fighter or with team vs.

Many skills like Kamehameha, Dragon Recall, Big Bang Attack, Ki Blast Ball and hakai god of destroy…

There will many famous warrior you want to be a warrior, saiyan, frost, namekians, angel or god of destruction
there super ultra transformation of fighter z like saiyangod, ssjblue, golden forms of frieza and cell and forst.

Z Devolution – KAI fighter:
– Train over 40 characters ssj, ssgss with unique fight dragon styles heroes
– Upgrade and unlock over 40 unique special moves for each fighter
– You can transform as many style as saiyan god …

Let join !

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